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Poudre River Update: Tell the City of Fort Collins to adopt “1041 Regulations” for NISP!

Hi Poudre River Lovers!

It’s time to show up and speak out! 

At its Tuesday, Oct. 19th meeting, the City of Fort Collins is proposing to create new regulations — called “1041 regulations” — that would protect the City, the Poudre River, and City Natural Areas from huge destructive development projects like the Northern Integrated Supply Project (“NISP”). Recall, NISP would drain so much water out of the Poudre that the river would resemble a muddy stinking ditch in Fort Collins. Further, the NISP pipeline would eviscerate Fort Collins Natural Areas.

We need you to show up and speak to the Fort Collins City Council at the Tuesday, Oct. 19th meeting. 

If you can’t show up, we encourage you to send an email to the Council, and we created a quick Call2Action on our website that you can click through to send the Council an email, here: 

Also, if you can’t show up at City Hall, you can ZOOM into the meeting to speak during the comment period. Directions for ZOOM are here: 

Please read the Call2Action for talking points. Also, always feel free to tell the Council your own personal story of why the Poudre River is special to you and needs to be protected.

Thank you for all you do!

Save The Poudre

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