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Save the Poudre Press Releases

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Include Tributaries And Adjacent Waters In WOTUS Rule 2014-11-19
Legislatures Water Plan Hearing In Fort Collins Will Expose Corrupt Process 2014-09-10
Draft South Platte/Metro Water Plan Would Destroy Rivers, Ignite Water War 2014-07-30
Have Colorado’s Water Wars Begun? 2014-05-13
Save The Poudre Requests Fort Collins Meeting for Controversial Colorado Water Plan 2014-02-18
Eighteen Conservation Groups Give Gov. Hickenlooper Input on State Water Plan 2014-02-11
Congressman Proposes Scheme To Gut Environmental Laws 2013-09-03
Water Developers Try To Hijack Governor Hickenlooper’s State Water Plan 2013-08-21
Comments on the Corps’ Proposed Use of Non-Federal Funds to Expedite NISP 2013-05-01
Windy Gap Firming Project Deal Falls Short of Fixing Fatally Flawed Diversion 2012-12-04
Next Draft of NISP Environmental Study Delayed For At Least Another Year 2012-07-23
– (NISP, Environmental Study, EIS, impacts to the Cache la Poudre River)

STP Requests New Public Comment Period for Windy Gap Firming Project 2012-03-15
– (Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Impact Statement, Clean Water Act, EPA, Fracking)

Colorado River Protection Coalition Intervenes Against Flaming Gorge Pipeline 2011-12-15
– (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Army Corps of Engineers)

Save The Poudre Has Serious Concerns About The Windy Gap Firming Project 2011-12-3
– (Bureau of Reclamation, Environmental Impact Statement, fracking)

Farmers Split On NISP 2011-10-25
– (Northern Integrated Supply Project, Glade Reservoir, Healthy Rivers Alternative )

SaveThePoudre Requests Analysis of NISP Water Used for Oil and Gas Drilling and Fracking 2011-09-26
– (Army Corps of Engineers, EIS, Northern Integrated Supply Project, Glade Reservoir)

Extreme Controversy Undermines NISP 2011-07-01
– (Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Impact Statement, NISP, Glade Reservoir, EPA)

NISP Would Cause Worse Flooding On Poudre River 2011-06-15
– (Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Impact Statement, NISP, Glade Reservoir)

CCI Sham Resolution Is Sham Propaganda 2011-06-06
– (Colorado Counties, NCWCD, EIS, NISP, Glade Reservoir, Clean Water Act, Healthy Rivers Alternative)

Poudre River Dams Delayed Yet Again! 2011-05-24
– (Army Corps of Engineers, EIS, NISP, Glade Reservoir, Halligan Reservoir, Seaman Reservoir)

Healthy Rivers Alternative Better for Economy and Environment than NISP 2011-05-17
– (Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Impact Statement, NISP, Glade Reservoir)

Save the Poudre Uncovers Scheme to Insert NISP into the “Bottom Up” Economic Plan 2011-05-10
“The Farm Facts About NISP” Submitted to the Army Corps 2011-04-25
STP Wants Analysis And Public Disclosure Of Fracking Chemicals Used In NISP Wells 2011.03.09
Oil And Gas Wells Begin Producting On Top Of NISP’s Proposed Galeton Reservoir Site 2011.02.28
Poudre River Dam Delays Lengthen 2011.01.03
Save The Poudre Seeks Improvements In Interbasin Compact 2010.12.20
Added Protection For Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse 2010.12.15
Groups File Notice Of Intent To Sue Over Poudre River Species 2010.12.01
NCWCD Stops Distributing, Printing “Save the Poudre” Bumper Sticker 2010.07.30
Save the Poudre Endorses “Cash for Grass” 2010.07.27
Waterkeeper Alliance Helps “Save the Poudre” with Tradename Case 2010.07.21
Save the Poudre and Alexandra Cousteau Raise $1,200 for Gulf Coast Cleanup 2010.07.17
NCWCD Prints Mocking “Save the Poudre” Bumper Sticker, Steals Name 2010.07.14
Save The Poudre Welcomes Jim Martin to the EPA 2010.04.22
Poudre River Savers and Uranium Mine Fighters Unite! 2010.04.20
Fort Morgan Gambles With Ratepayers’ Money 2010.04.15
Arapahoe Snowfly On The Brink Of Extinction 2010.04.06
Windsor Looks At Alternatives to NISP 2010.03.21
SP Supports Collaborative “Shared Vision Planning” 2010.02.18
Save The Poudre Requests “Halt” to Boxelder Stormwater Project 2010.02.11
Fort Collins Loveland Water District Wants Aaron Million’s Water 2010.01.22
STP Makes The Cover Of Waterkeeper Magazine 2010.01.13
NISP And Its Destructive Glade Reservoir Delayed Again! 2009.12.20
CO Water Conservation Board 21st Century Water Study Fatally Flawed? 2009.12.14
Save The Poudre Joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s WaterKeeper Alliance 2009.12.14
Is NISP/Glade A “Ponzi Scheme”? 2009.11.10
Halloween Surprise For The Poudre River 2009.10.29
Fort Morgan’s Council Worries About Cost Of NISP/Glade 2009.10.28
STP Gives Presentation to State Legislature’s Water Committee 2009.09.30
Fort Morgan Plans For Alternative To NISP 2009.09.01
NISP/Glade Can Cost Farm Economy $85 Million Per Year In Lost Revenue 2009.06.29
NISP/Glade P.R. Scheme’s “Farm Rally” Misinforms Public 2009.06.23
Governor Ritter Continues To Protect Colorado’s Water And Environment 2009.06.15
Governor Ritter Signs Bill That Could Help Save The Poudre 2009.06.04
Secret Glade Reservoir Plan Revealed 2009.05.20
Weld County Home Foreclosures Highlight NISP Glade Debt Disaster 2009.04.27
Million Project Highlights River Degredation 2009.04.17
Lacking Science NISP/Glade Proponents Resort To PR And Political Pressure 2009.02.16
Northern Water Conservancy District Says It Won’t Need A Permit 2009.02.16
NISP-Glade Reservoir Delayed Again 2009.02.04
Northern Colorado’s Premier Business Newspaper Editorializes Against NISP/Glade 2009.01.16
Army Corps ChangesCourse, Refuses Public Input, Rebuffs EPA 2008.12.15
EPA Publicizes Veto Threat 2008.11.20
EPA Objects To NISP-Glade 2008.11.17
State of Colorado Slams NISP DEIS 2008.10.06
Biased Push Poll Deceives And Manipulates Taxpayers 2008.09.15
STP Coalition Presents Healthy Rivers Alternative To The Colorado Water Conservation Board 2008.09.15
Bogus Push Poll 2008.09.15
Fort Collins City Council Votes Unanimously To Oppose NISP-Glade 2008.09.03
The West Is Addicted To Reservoirs Just Like America Is Addicted To Oil 2008.08.24
STP Urgent Press Advisory 2008.08.20
State Says NISP-Glade Reservoir DEIS Insufficient For State Water Quality Certification 2008.08.05
Save The Poudre Coalition Urges Attendance At Public Hearings 2008.06.13
American Conservation Groups Need More Time To Study NISP DEIS 2008.06.02
“Best Place To Live In America” Now Has Most Endangered River In America 2008.04.17
Water District April Fools 2008.03.31
Fort Collins Audubon Society Resolves To Oppose Glade Reservoir 2008.03.26
NISP-Glade Financing Scheme Clouded In Uncertainty 2008.03.16
Poudre River Dry Again 2008.02.15
Poudre River Dry Again 02.14.2008
Poudre Drained Dry-Victim Report 2007.10.20
Save The Poudre Coalition Visits Washington 2007.09.27
Poudre River Dry-Up No Mistake 2007.07.02
NISP-Glade “An Expensive, Unsustainable Boondoggle 2007.06.22
NCWCD Gets A Truth Test From Its Comments In The Wyoming Tribune Eagle 2007.01.22

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