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Save the Poudre in the News

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Northern Colorado leaders rally for NISP water: “Get it Done” – Denver Post – 2015-07-02
Cory Gardner rallies farmers for massive water-storage project – Colorado Independent – 2015-07-02
NISP public comment period extended – Coloradoan – 2015-06-30
Experts look for answers while digesting NISP report – Coloradoan – 2015-06-26
Public Comment Wanted For Proposed Northern Colorado Reservoirs – Ch 4 TV- 2015-06-24
Proposed Glade reservoir would serve 11 cities – Ch 7 TV- 2015-06-22
Report takes deeper look at dam impact to Poudre River – Associated Press – 2015-06-20
Report offers details for Glade – Reporter Herald – 2015-06-19
Two Proposed Reservoirs for N. Colorado Reach a Key Milestone – Colorado Public Radio – 2015-06-19
Northern Colorado reservoirs project takes step forward with new study – Denver Post – 2015-06-19
Glade Reservoir project hits new milestone – Coloradoan – 2015-06-19
Army Corps Delivers Long-Awaited Northern Colorado Reservoir Study – KUNC – 2015-06-19
EIS shows NISP needed to address water needs of NOCO residents – Greeley Tribune – 2015-06-19
Whitewater parks bring money, but will Poudre flow? – Denver Post – 2015-05-30
Whitewater parks bring money, but will Poudre flow? – Coloradoan – 2015-05-27
Glade Reservoir Would Suck Life Out Of River – Coloradoan – 2014-11-17
Plan for massive new reservoir delayed again – Coloradoan – 2014-11-09
Plan For Massive New Reservoir Delayed Again – Coloradoan – 2014-11-09
Time Is Now To Support Poudre Kayak Park – Coloradoan – 2014-10-03
Statewide Plan Preps For More People Less Water – Coloradoan – 2014-09-18
Support Alternatives To New Dams – Coloradoan – 2014-09-14
Speak Out To Save The Poudre – Coloradoan – 2014-09-09
Thumbs Up – Coloradoan – 2014-08-16
Governor’s Water Plan Could Ignite Water War – Boulder Weekly – 2014-07-31
Documentary Depicts Dams Impacts On Rivers – Coloradoan – 2014-07-21
Colorado’s Water Plan Is Being Hijacked – Denver Post – 2014-06-18
Windy Gap, NISP (Not) Essential To Water Manager’s Future Plans, KUNC – 2014-06-04
As reservoirs swell, Colorado sends water out of state, 9 News – 2014-05-29
Reservoir expansion fight rolls on as Horsetooth fills, Coloradoan – 2014-05-29
Poudre Riverfest Restores, Revitalizes Corridor – Coloradoan 2014.05.03
Poudre Riverfest Restores, Revitalizes Corridor – Coloradoan 2014.05.03
May 10 Restore And Celebrate River At Poudre Riverfest – Coloradoan 2014.05.01
CSU Newsletter Should Have Offered Objectivity On Glade – Coloradoan 2014.01.26
Thumbs up/Thumbs down – Coloradoan 2013.12.30
Honest Look At Damaging NISP Is Necessary – Coloradoan 2013.12.03
Save The Poudre Through Human Interaction – Coloradoan 2013.11.10
Would Glade Reservoir Have Prevented Poudre Flooding – Coloradoan 2013.10.07
Forum To Focus On Colorado’s Water Future – Coloradoan 2013.09.24
State Oil and Gas Association Addresses Flooding Concerns – Coloradoan 2013.09.17
Gardners Water Storage Proposal Worries Poudre Backers – KUNC 2013.09.05
CDOT OKs Reroute Of US 287 For Glade Reservoir- Denver Post 2013.09.04
Gardner Responds To Criticism On Reservoir – Northern Colorado Business Report 2013.09.03
Fort Collins Whitewater Park An Idea Worth Exploring – Coloradoan 2013.08.27
Climate Change Fracking Water Shortages In N. Colorado – Coloradoan 2013.07.29
Poudre River Makeovers To Restore Recreation Nature – Coloradoan 2013.07.14
Painting, protecting the Poudre – Coloradoan 2013.07.09
Artists Unite In Outdoor Painting Challenge – Reporter-Herald 2013.07.09
Poudre River Residential Development Nears Planning Board Review – Coloradoan 2013.06.04
Army Corps Takes Water District Cash – Coloradoan 2013.05.28
We’ve Supported A Fracking Ban, Now Support Poudre River – Coloradoan 2013.04.19
Reducing Flow Would Impact Poudre Rivers Health – Coloradoan 2013.04.11
STP Drops Opposition To River District Project – Coloradoan 2013.04.09
Water Projects Seen As Both A Solution And A Problem – 9News 2013.03.28
U.S. Rep Gardner Wants To Clear The Path On Water Projects – Boulder iJournal 2013.03.25
Project On The Poudre Draws Fire – Northern Colorado Business Report 2013.03.08
Gardner Environmental Assessment Of Glade Has Gone On Too Long- North Forty News 2013.02.22
Gardner Hopes To Hurry Corps Of Engineers Along – Northern Colorado Business Report 2013.01.11
Gauging Woodwards Possible Relocation – Northern Colorado Business Report 2013.01.11
Glade Reservoir Could Drain 700 Acres Of Wetlands – Coloradoan 2013.01.11
Windy Gap Firming Project Is A Bad Deal For Colorado – Denver Post 2013.01.08
At Odds On Water – Northern Colorado Business Report 2012.12.14
Enviros Warn Fracking-Related Earthquakes Could Threaten NISP Dams – Coloradoan 2012.12.04
River District Re-do Revs Up – Coloradoan 2012.10.26
Colorado At Odds With Environmentalists Over Water Storage – Fox News 2012.10.02
Clarification Needed On Save The Poudre Course – Coloradoan 2012.09.01
Proposed Building On Poudre Receives Financial Boost – Coloradoan 2012.09.26
In The Window – Coloradoan 2012.09.01
STP Drops Objection To Pateros Creek Development – Coloradoan 2012.08.31
Why Woodward Is A Match For Fort Collins – Coloradoan 2012.08.25
Woodward Eyes Downtown Link-N-Greens For New Corporate Home – Coloradoan 2012.08.20
Proposal Would Bring Restaurant Office Space Near Poudre River – Coloradoan 2012.08.16
Development Plans For Link N Greens Golf Course To Be Revealed – Coloradoan 2012.08.15
Hickenlooper To Obama: Colorado Faces Gap In Water Supplies – Denver Post 2012.08.14
Plans Drawn Up For $9M Riverfront Project – Northern Colorado Business Report 2012.08.10
NISP Costs To Date $10M And Climbing – Northern Colorado Business Report 2012.08.10
Fort Collins River Front Project Sparks Controversy – KUNC 2012.08.09
Drought Reignites Zeal For Impounding Poudre River Water For Suburbia – Coloradoan 2012.08.06
Politicians, Residents And Producers Come Together To Push NISP- Greeley Tribune 2012.07.29
Former Mobile Home Park Awaits Rebirth As Riverside Subdivision – Coloradoan 2012.07.28
Save The Poudre Keeps Watchful Eye On The River – Coloradoan 2012.07.28
NISP Water Project Backers Rally In Fort Lupton – KUNC 2012.07.25
Rally In Support Of Water Storage Project – Northern Colorado Business Report 2012.07.24
Backers of Northern Colorado Dam Project Deny Delay – Denver Post 2012.07.24
Save The Poudre Promotes Balanced Solution – Coloradoan 2012.05.30
Answer To State’s Dilemma Lies Near Compromise – Coloradoan 2012.05.26
Poudre River Cleanup Planned For Saturday – Coloradoan 2012.05.24
Frackwater Blues – Boulder Weekly 2012.05.10
Boulder County Should Reject NISP – Boulder Daily Camera 2012.05.04
Tug-Of-War Over New Water Project That Would Serve 2 Towns – Boulder Daily Camera 2012.04.21
CO Farms Planning For Dry Spell Losing Auction Bids For Water – Denver Post 2012.04.01
CO Businessman Asks Feds To Reconsider Pipeline Denial – Colorado Independent 2012.03.23
Flaming Gorge Pipeline Developer Requests Rehearing – NCBR 2012.03.23
Oil Transfer Station At Kodak Angers Environmentalists – Coloradoan 2012.03.23
The Future Of Colorado’s Rivers – Denver Post 2012.02.23
Seven-year Pitch – Fort Lupton Press 2012.02.22
Running Out Of Space In Quest To Store Water – Coloradoan 2012.02.01
Gardner Wrong About NISP Again – Coloradoan 2012.01.30
Glade Reservoir’s Impact On Land – Coloradoan 2011.10.26
The Biggest Hurdle For Flaming Gorge Pipeline – North Forty News 2011.09.21
Groups Organize Fracking Meeting – Coloradoan 2011.09.20
Greeley & Other Weld Communities Plan Their Own Water Strikes – Greeley Tribune 2011.09.17
Billboard Campaign Blasts Aaron Millions Pipeline Proposal – Coloradoan 2011.09.14
High Flows Bring Free Services – Coloradoan 2011.08.15
Northern Colorado Fracking Concerns Escalate In Oil And Gas Boom – Coloradoan 2011.08.13
Huge Colorado Runoff Is Mostly A Blessing – New West 2011.08.12
Groups Unite Against Flaming Gorge Pipeline Plan – Coloradoan 2011.07.27
I Support Healthy Rivers Alternative – Coloradoan 2011.07.01
Fort Collins Backs Off NISP Goal – Northern Colorado Business Report 2011.06.17
Leaders Wistful About Excess Water – Greeley Tribune 2011.06.09
NISP Project Won’t Solve Regions Water Problem – Coloradoan 2011.06.06
Fight In Light Of Radical Center – Coloradoan 2011.06.03
There Are Better Alternatives To NISP Project – Greeley Tribune 2011.05.26
NISP In Economic Plan Draws Anger – Coloradoan 2011.05.26
Sierra Club Promotes STP Petition – Sierra Club 2011.05.25
About 100 People Help Clean Up Poudre – Coloradoan 2011.05.21
Water Storage, Oil Drilling Don’t Mix – Northern Colorado Business Report 2011.03.25
EPA To Study Effects Of Fracking – Coloradoan 2011.03.13
STP Claims Oil, Gas Exploration Threatens Water Project – Greeley Tribune 2011.02.28
Water Forum Asks What’s Worth Fighting For? – Coloradoan 2011.02.04
Report Details Future Water Needs – Coloradoan 2011.01.29
Save The Poudre Position On Floodplains ‘Evolving’ – North Colorado Business Report 2011.01.14
Supporters Of Proposed Poudre Dam Dismiss Delays – Denver Post 2011.01.08
Army Corps: More Time Needed On Northern Colorado Dam – Denver Post 2011.01.08
U.S. Army Corps Delays NISP Evaluation – KUNC NPR 2011.01.04
Super Mouse To The Rescue – High Country News 2010.12.20
Local Groups Hold Lawsuit Over Threatened Bug – Collegian 2010.12.05
Groups Threaten To Sue Wildlife Agency Over Snowfly – Coloradoan 2010.12.02
Groups Plan To Sue USFWS Over Poudre River Insect – North Colorado Business Report 2010.12.02
Catch A Day Of Fun Along The Poudre River – Coloradoan 2010.11.28
Proposed Flood Rules Spur Emotion – Coloradoan 2010.11.22
Poudre River’s Quality Is Dropping – Collegian 2010.10.25
Johnson Controls Helps Clean Up Trail – Coloradoan 2010.10.13
NISP Would Worsen Poudre River – Greeley Tribune 2010.9.25
NISP Unsupportable – Lost Creek Guide 2010.08.15
Western Slope Advocacy Group Endorses Controversial Reservoir Plan – Denver Post 2010.08.04
Northern Water Nixes “Save the Poudre” Bumper Sticker – Coloradoan 2010.07.30
Cheap Shot In Water War Cuts District’s Credibility – Denver Post 2010.07.23
Opponents Of Reservoir Demand Proponents Stop Using “Save the Poudre” – Denver Post 2010.07.22
200 Rally For Northern Front Range Reservoir Project – Denver Post 2010.07.16
At Rally, A Reservoir Of Support For Water Project – Greeley Tribune 2010.07.16
Area Leaders’ Opinon Columns Mirror Peer’s Writings on NISP – Coloradoan 2010.07.16
‘Save The Poudre’ Sparks Dispute – Coloradoan 2010.07.16
Lawsuit Threatened Over Glade Reservoir Bumper Sticker – 9 News 2010.07.15
House District 49 Candidate Karen Stockley on NISP – Berthoud Recorder 2010.07.15
Nikkel And Conway Articles Nearly Identical – Berthoud Recorder 2010.07.14
Link To The Future – Coloradoan 2010.07.11
Expedition Blue Planet Visits Fort Collins – Coloradoan 2010.07.11
Save The Poudre Responds To BJ Nikkel – Berthoud Recorder 2010.07.09
STP Hosts Free Event Featuring Cousteau’s Granddaughter – Coloradoan 2010.07.07
Morphing Project Vows Cure For All Water Woes – Coloradoan 2010.06.24
Fort Collins Seeks Vision For Harmony ‘Gateway’ – Coloradoan 2010.06.03
Scientists, Enviros Want Protections for Arapahoe Snowfly 2010.04.27
Activists Battle Proposed Water Facility – Colorado Independent 2010.04.26
Environmentalists Seek Protection For Insect – Greeley Tribune 2010.04.07
Greeley Should Let Poudre Have Water – Greeley Tribune 2010.04.01
Price For NISP Water Project For No. Colorado Keeps Rising – Denver Post 2010.03.30
Cost Of NISP Project Up 15% Over 2006 Estimates – NCBR 2010.03.30
City Faces Funding Pickle With Poudre River Floodplain Study – Greeley Tribune 2010.03.20
Planning Approach Offers Hope – Coloradoan 2010.03.03
Glade Discussion Flows Into Classroom – Coloradoan 2010.02.11
Water Pipeline Draws Letters Of Support – KUNC 2010.01.25
Deal Would Increase River Access – Coloradoan 2010.01.08
Release Of Glade Reservoir Environmental Study Delayed – Coloradoan 2009.12.21
Group Dry Times Ahead Without Major H2O Project – Greeley Tribune 2009.12.18
New Belgium Donates $40,000 To Save The Poudre Coalition – NCBR 2009.12.15
Save The Poudre Gets $40,000 From New Belgium – Coloradoan 2009.12.15
NISP Not This Generation’s C-BT – Coloradoan 2009.11.16
NISP Opponent Makes Case To Fort Morgan Council – Fort Morgan Times 2009.10.30
Pollution An Enduring Legacy At Old Missle Sites – New York Times 2009.10.16
Pollution Lingers At Old Missle Sites – Time 2009.10.16
Authorities Shut Down Part Of River After Asphalt Spill – Coloradoan 2009.08.26
NISP Harms Area Agriculture – Greeley Tribune LTE 2009.06.30
Farmers Rally For Glade And NISP – 9 News 2009.06.30
Corps Weighs Impacts On Poudre River – Coloradoan 2009-06-29
Dispute Flares Over 2009 NISP Public Affairs Plan – North Colorado Business Report 2009.06.05
Crowd Skeptical Of Million Water Project – Coloradoan 2009.04.21
Massive Water Project Advances Amid Criticism – 9 News 2009.04.21
Poudre Not On Top 10 Endangered List This Year – Fort Collins Now 2009.04.15
Fort Collins Still Has Glade Concerns – Coloradoan 2009.03.29
Fort Collins Responds To Glade Data Updates – Fort Collins Now 2009.03.26 
Supplemental EIS Ordered For Glade Reservoir Proposal – North Forty News 2009.03
NISP Group To Push For Support For Water Project – Fort Morgan Times 2009.02.13
A New Water Economy – Denver Post 2009.02.08
NISP Review Requires A Deeper Look – Coloradoan 2009.02.08
Corps Of Engineers Study Will Delay NISP – Greeley Tribune 2009.02.06
Glade Project Suffers A Blow – Fort Collins Now 2009.02.06
Corps Announces Further NISP Study – Greeley Tribune 2009.02.05
Decision On Glade Delayed At Least A Year More Study Required – Reporter Herald 2009.02.05
Glade Reservoir Project To Get A Second Look – Coloradoan 2009.02.05
NISP Getting Second Look From Corp Of Engineers – North Colorado Business Report 2009.02.05
NISP Issues Aren’t Significant Obstacles – Greeley Tribune 2009.02.05
Second Reservoir Study Shows Less Impact – Coloradoan 2009.02.05
Water Experts’ Analyses On Glade Reservoir Differ – Reporter Herald 2009.02.05
Region Needs To Prepare For Life After NISP – North Colorado Business Report 2009.01.05
Have Our River And Drink It Too – Coloradoan 2008.12.30
Glade Reservoir Proposal And The Poudre River – Coloradoan 2008.12.29
Special Report Glade Reservoir Proposal And The Poudre River – Coloradoan 2008.12.29
Glade Project Heats Up – Coloradoan 2008.12.22
City Shouldn’t Be Next Phoenix – Coloradoan 2008.12.17
Big Changes For The Poudre River – North Colorado Connection Blog 2008.12.15
Future Of Poudre, One Of America’s Most Endangered Rivers – American Rivers 2008.12.11
EPA Criticizes NISP Impact Statement – North Colorado Business Report 2008.12.05
EPA Opposes The Glade – KUNC 2008.12.04 (MP3)
Glade Rests With Corps; EPA Report Highlighted – North Forty News 2008.12
EPA Report Hammers NISP – Greeley Tribune 2008.11.29
Water Project Faces Hurdle In New EPA Report – Fort Collins Now 2008.11.26
EPA View Heartens Foes Of Water Plan – Denver Post 2008.11.21
EPA Has Glade Concerns – The Coloradoan 2008.11.08
Keep River Beautiful For Our Kids – The Coloradoan 2008.11.05
Water Conservancy District Waiting For NISP Permit – Berthoud Recorder 2008.11.03
Town’s NISP Payments About To Escalate – Windsor Beacon 2008.10.18
Glade Backers project Likely Delayed – The Coloradoan 2008.10.15
Backers Expect US Verdict Next Year On Reservoirs – Denver Post 2008.10.14
Reservoir Project Could Be Delayed – Greeley Tribune 2008.10.14
State Agency Has Questions Concerns About Reservoirs Project – Greeley Tribune 2008.10.07
Concerns About Water Quality May Delay Reservoir Project – Rocky Mountain News 2008.10.07
Northern Water Schedule Pushed Back – Fort Morgan Times 2008.10.06
Options Highlight Envrionmental Justice- The Coloradoan 2008.10.01
Fort Collins Condemns Adverse Impacts Of NISP – North Forty News 2008.10
County Concerns Include Pipelines Open Lands – North Forty News 2008.10
Coalition Seeks New Glade EIS – North Forty News 2008.10
Glade Poll Reportring Was Uncritical – The Coloradoan 2008.09.19
Support For Glade Project High In Larimer And Weld – Fort Collins Now 2008.09.17
Glade Reservoir Opponent Blasts Poll That Showed Support For Water Project – Greeley Tribune 2008.09.16
Glade Foes Rip Survey – The Coloradoan 2008.09.16
1986 Deal Complicates Glade Issue – The Coloradoan 2008-09-14
Divisions Over Glade Reservoir Deepen Between City And Northern Water District – Fort Collins Now 2008.09.12
Healthy Rivers Plan Will Be Sent To Army Corps Of Engineers – Reporter Herald 2008.09.11
Anti-Glade Group Touts Alternative Plan – The Coloradoan 2008.09.11
Northern Water Defends NISP Project From Fort Collins Council – Greeley Tribune 2008.09.10
County Raises Questions About Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.09.10
Larimer County Raises More Questions About Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.09.09
NISP Will Cost Citizens While Providing No Benefits – The Coloradoan 2008.09.08
Fort Collins Opposes NISP, Slams Environmental Study – Fort Collins Now 2008.09.05
Anti-Glade Group Sets Public Meeting – The Coloradoan 2008.09.05
Council Right To Oppose NISP – The Coloradoan 2008.09.04
Commissioners Split On Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.09.04
Council Blasts Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.09.03
City Opposes Glade Reservoir – 9News 2008.09.03
Fort Collins Balks At Water Plan – Reporter Herald 2008.09.03
City Ready To Oppose Glade Plan – The Coloradoan 2008.09.02
Glade Would Be Loss For Region – The Coloradoan 2008.09.02
County Comments On NISP To Be Completed This Month – North Forty News 2008.09
Fort Collins Hires DC Lobbying Firm – Northern Colorado Business Report 2008.08.29
Disagreement Over Glade Spills To Commissioners – The Coloradoan 2008.08.26
Anti-Glade Cause Gets Help – The Coloradoan 2008.08.25
Carl Pope Lends His Support To Glade Reservoir Opposition – The Coloradoan 2008.08.25
Larimer County Commissioners To Weight In On Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.08.23
Let Poudre River Run Freely – The Coloradoan 2008.08.17
State Delays Ruling On Glade Reservoir In Northern Colorado – Rocky Mountain News 2008.08.17
County Commissioners Hear Glade Reservoir Concerns – North Forty News 2008.08
Fort Collins Officials Worry Glade Will Hurt Water Treatment Facilities – Fort Collins Now 2008.07.16
A Watershed Proposal – High Country News 2008.07.16
Cashing In Better Than Tapping Out The Poudre – Denver Post 2008.07.15
Glade Opponents Out In Force – The Coloradoan 2008.07.10
Larimer Commissioners Take In NISP Comments – Fort Collins Now 2008.07.10
Old West Or New Energy? – Berthoud Recorder 2008.07.10
County Boards Want More Info From Glade EIS – The Coloradoan 2008.07.09
Army Corps Holds NISP Hearing In Greeley – Brighton Standard Blade 2008.07.03
Glade Comment Extended Meeting Set – Northern Colorado Business Report 2008.07.03
More Time Granted For Glade Input – The Coloradoan 2008.07.03
Water Savings Assessed – North Forty News 2008.07.01
Residents Flood Hearings With Comments On NISP – North Forty News 2008.07.01
Salazar – NISP Has ‘Great Promise’ – Fort Collins Now 2008.07.01
Sen. Salazar Discusses NISP With Weld Residents, Officials – Greeley Tribune 2008.07.01
Let New Users Incur New Costs – The Coloradoan 2008.07.01
Salazar Asks For Comment Extension For Glade Proposal – The Coloradoan 2008.06.26
Seek Open Honest EIS Process – The Coloradoan 2008.06.26
Feedback Crucial For NISP Decision – The Coloradoan 2008.06.23
Environmental Threats Mar Proposed Poudre River Diversion Project – The Colorado Independent 2008.06.20
Greeley Turns Glade Tables – The Coloradoan 2008.06.20
NISP’s Final Hearing Draws Smaller Group, More Backers – Greeley Tribune 2008.06.20
Oppose Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.06.20
Water Wars Come To The Suburbs – The Colorado Independent 2008.06.19
Heated Glade Reservoir Debate Shows Many Have Something At Stake – The Colorado Independent 2008.06.18
NISP Outlines Plan For Future Water Supply – Reporter Greeley Tribune 2008.06.18
Corps’ Peter Key To Glade Decision – The Coloradoan 2008.06.18
Pro vs Con Glade Meeting Divided – The Coloradoan 2008.06.18
Glade Debate Packs House – The Coloradoan 2008.06.17
NISP Will Change More Than Just Water – Berthoud Recorder 2008.06.16
A Look At NISP Through The Eyes Of Evans – Greeley Tribune 2008.06.16
Glade Could Harm City’s Drinking Water Supply – Greeley Tribune 2008.06.16
NISP: The Question Of Recreation – Berthoud Recorder 2008.06.16
Poudre River Flows Pique Interest – The Coloradoan 2008.06.15
Glade A Bad Idea – The Coloradoan 2008.06.14
Together We Can Save Poudre – The Coloradoan 2008.06.14
Reservoir Drain Muddies Poudre – The Coloradoan 2008.06.12
Controversy Approaches High-Water Mark – Fort Collins Now 2008.06.12
Research Essential – The Coloradoan 2008.06.10
Oppose Glade – The Coloradoan 2008.06.08
City Glade Effect Underestimated – The Coloradoan 2008.06.08
Think Before We Drain The Poudre – Denver Post 2008.06.06
Third Hearing Set For Glade Project – North Forty News 2008.06.03
Comments Needed On Draft EIS For NISP – American Whitewater 2008.06.02
What If NISP Isn’t Built? – North Forty News 2008.06
Glade Debate Continues As Public Studies EIS – North Forty News 2008.06
Is NISP Cost Too High For Environment? – Brighton Standard Blade 2008.05.29
Group Res May Dry Up Poudre – Times-Call 2008.05.23
Glade Would Change Downtown River Flow – Northern Colorado Business Report 2008.05.23
NISP Half Full Or Half Empty? – Brighton Standard Blade 2008.05.15
Keep Your Eye On The Canary – The Coloradoan 2008-05-14
Poudre’s Weak Pulse Needs Defense – The Coloradoan 2008.05.08
Too Soon For Glade’s Heavy Toll – The Coloradoan 2008.05.08
Understanding Glade Impact Imperative – The Coloradoan 2008.05.08
Fried: Frankly, My Dear, I Still Don’t Want A Dam – Fort Collins Now 2008.05.07
Fort Collins City Council OKs Funds To Review Glade Study – The Coloradoan 2008.05.07
Without A Paddle – Fort Collins Now 2008.05.07
Fort Collins City Council To Consider Own Review Of Glade EIS – The Coloradoan 2008.05.06
Corps Briefs Larimer County Officials On Glade EIS – The Coloradoan 2008.05.06
Glade Will Have Ecological Impacts – The Coloradoan 2008.05.06
Report Details Impact Of Proposed Glade Reservoir – CBS4 Denver 2008.05.05
Can’t Afford Projects – The Coloradoan 2008.05.05
Army Corps Seeks Input On Glade Reservoir EIS – ReporterHerald 2008.05.05
Glade Reservoir, A Raging Debate (video part 3) – 9 News 2008.05.04
Glade Reservoir, A Raging Debate (video part 2) – 9 News 2008.05.04
Glade Reservoir, A Raging Debate (video part 1) – 9 News 2008.05.04
Reports Agree On Glade’s Potential For Harm – The Coloradoan 2008.05.04
Northern Colorado Water Plans Impacting Each Other – The Coloradoan 2008.05.04
Fort Collins Weighs In Critically On NISP – Rocky Mountain Holla 2008.05.02
Review Of Reservoir Along Poudre Backs Need For More Water – Denver Post 2008.05.01
Cooperation Needed For Restoration – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Endangered Poudre River Lies In Best Place To Live – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Glade Study Disputed – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Glade Would Bring $17 Million In Recreation Options; Could Sink Fort Collins Kayak Park – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Glade Would Slurp Up Poudre River – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Groups Argue Over Future Of The Poudre – Reporter Herald 2008.05.01
Report On Glade Reservoir Provokes Two Divergent Views On Project’s Impact – Greeley Tribune 2008.05.01
Reservoir Environmental Impact Statement Released – Northern Colorado Business Report 2008.05.01
Reservoir Likely Would Hurt Habitat, Feds Say – Rocky Mountain News 2008.05.01
Science, Data Key To Glade Reservoir Discussion – Fort Collins Coloradoan 2008.05.01
Timeline Of The Northern Integrated Supply Project – Greeley Tribune 2008.05.01
Water Study Arrives – Reporter Herald 2008.05.01
Glade EIS Released – North Forty News 2008.05
Both Sides React To Report On Glade Reservoir – 9News 2008.04.30
Corps Of Engineers Reservoir Would Reduce Poudre River Flow Through Fort Collins by 71% During Peak Runoff – Ecopolitology 2008.04.29
Environmental Report On Water Project Due Wednesday – Greeley Tribune 2008.04.29
Protection Of Poudre Reflects On Us – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.28.2008
Don’t Kill Our River Its The Only One We’ve Got – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.21.2008
Poudre River Is An Indispensible Asset For Recreation In Fort Collins – Greeley Tribune 04.20.2008
Glade Reservoir Plan Sets Battle For Poudre River’s Future – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.19.2008
Poudre River Listed Among Nation’s Most Threatened – The Tribune 04.18.2008
Poudre River Makes ‘Most Endangered’ List – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.18.2008
Cache La Poudre: The Most Endangered River In America – The Tribune 04.18.2008
Group: Cache La Poudre Is A Most Endangered River – CBS4 04.18.2008
Anglers Stand In Poudre River Saying Proposed Reservoir Would Make It Disappear – The Reporter-Herald 04.18.2008
Cache La Poudre “Most Endangered” – The Denver Post 04.17.2008
Colorado’s Poudre Labeled America’s Most Endangered River – Denver Business News 04.17.2008
Cache La Poudre Among Top 10 Endangered Rivers – 7News 04.17.2008
Cache La Poudre Named Among Most Endangered Rivers – News11 04.17.2008
Group Names Cache La Poudre Among Most Endangered Rivers – News8 04.17.2008
“America’s Best Place To Live” Now Has “Most Endangered River In America” – Fort Collins Now 04.17.2008
Colorado’s Cache La Poudre Listed As An Endangered River – The Daily Sentinel 04.17.2008
Poudre Among ‘Most Endangered Rivers’ – Northern Colorado Business Report 04.17.2008
A Draining Process – Rocky Mountain Chronicle 04.17.2008
Let’s Uphold Responsibility To The River – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.17.2008
Poudre River Named One Of Nation’s Most Endangered – The Reporter Herald 04.17.2008
America’s 10 Most Endangered Rivers 2008 – Environmental News Service 04.17.2008
Cache La Poudre River Among Most Endangered – Daily Camera 04.17.2008
Enviro Group: Cache La Poudre Most Endangered – CBS4 04.17.2008
Cache La Poudre Makes List Of “Most Endangered” Rivers – 9News 04.17.2008
Environmental Group Lists Poudre Among ‘Most Endangered’ Rivers – 9News 04.17.2008
Saving The Poudre River – The Denver Post 04.16.2008
Group Names Cache La Poudre Among Most Endangered Rivers – Summit Daily News 04.16.2008
Seeking To Safeguard A River – Rocky Mountain News 04.16.2008
Health of Poudre River at Center of Reservoir Proposal – 04.11.2008
Glade Debate Heats Up at Forum – Fort Collins Coloradoan 04.08.2008
EIS Due Soon: Water Project – Fort Morgan Times 04.04.2008
Reservoir Impacts Debated – Reporter Herald 04.04.2008
The Great Water War – Fort Collins Now 04.04.2008
Old-Fashioned Water Fight Brews in Colorado – Los Angeles Times 04.01.2008
Water District April Fools Press Release – 03.31.2008
If Approved, Project will be ‘Gladedoggle’ – Fort Collins Coloradoan 03.28.2008
City’s Water Mostly Free of Medicines Officials Say – Fort Collins Coloradoan 03.28.2008
FCAS Glade Reservoir Press Release – 03.26.2008
Fort Collins Audubon Society Objects to Glade Project – Greeley Tribune 03.26.2008
Divide Develops Over Dam – Denver Post 03.23.2008
Polluted Drinking Water Number One Concern in Gallop Poll – 03.12.2008
Bringing Accountability to Water Districts Will Have to Wait – Rocky Mountain News 03.10.2008
Glade Reservoir Project… – Fort Collins Forum 03.10.2008
Just Because You Do Not Use It Does Not Mean You Should Lose It – Press Release 02.20.2008
Fort Morgan Should Change Course – Fort Morgan Times 02.20.2008
Elected Water Boards Proposed – Fort Collins Coloradoan 02.19.2008
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