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Rights of Nature

Listen to the Poudre River… and its inherent desire to flow, to nurture other species, to be free of pollution and restored to full health.

We’re excited to launch a “Rights of Nature for the Cache la Poudre River and Watershed” initiative in Fort Collins (in association with parallel efforts for rivers across the Colorado River basin.)  

It has become clear to us that our current system of environmental law is unable to protect the integrity of our river and Nature, and that we must act.  Our research shows that a variety of new Rights of Nature strategies in the U.S. and across the planet can help transform our relationship with Nature — including working with municipalities to take the lead.

We are working in collaboration with Earth Law Center and have developed a Resolution to be presented to Fort Collins City Council.

READ Rights of Nature Resolution Draft to be adopted by the Fort Collins City Council

PLEDGE TO SUPPORT RESOLUTION and stay updated on this initiative (coming soon!)



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